My Career Future: Learning To Learn!

Everyone of us here knows how to read. But being able to read does not equate to being able to learn. Yet being able to pick new skills or knowledge in a specific domain is crucial to one's career future. Learning requires a good understanding of oneself and how you increase your mastery of a specific domain. Below are the following approaches that I have used for over a decade:



There are tonnes of useful resources in most known topics that can be found on YouTube. In most cases, I feel that the information shared can serve as a good summary for your interest. What they lack in well supported details, they make it up via a short and entertaining video. Most of the YouTube content creaters typically create videos for marketing rather than solely for educational purpose. In any case, you can do your further research on specific ideas or methods that was shared by the content creators.



I typically use this channel to acquire new ideas and insights on topics that interest me. In order to access podcast, you will need to download an app on your mobile phone. A podcast can be useful when you are commuting to work or working out. I have been using Podbean (A free mobile app) for the past 3 years, it's user friendly and has tonnes of free resources to subscribe.



On average, I read between 5 - 10 books a year. The beauty of reading a book is that the content are typically well researched and proofread by the editors before being published. A good book tend to have granularity, perspective and well thought through process. A person can gain perhaps 5% -10% of the author experience from the comfort of their own home in their own spare time by reading.

In my opinion, National Library Board done an amazing job! There are plenty of free resources (both physical and electronic) available. The libraries are air-conditioned, manned by well trained staff and located throughout Singapore. For those who prefer to read e-books via their mobile devices, you can download Libby.

*If you have trouble reading books on a regular basis, you can leave your books around your bed or study table. At the same time, you can consider buying Amazon Kindle too. Both ways work well for me! 😀



LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. The main functions of LinkedIn is mainly for networking, job search and B2B/ B2C branding. You can receive useful information and industry updates by following various content creators. 

Every industry/ niche has a top voice (Content creator who produce relevant information and followed by many people), which you can start by discovering these individuals and following them. I find that there are many excellent content about marketing and entreprenuership on LinkedIn, but not much in human resource domain.



Courses are a series of lessons conducted by experts and it can last from a few days - months. The good thing about it is that there are informal Q&A sessions that promote deeper and active learning. Moreover you receive curated content and step-by-step instruction based on your specific interest. You can seek advice and expand your network during the coursework as well.

The disadvantage of courses are handful. Courses can be expensive, especially when you are attending in person event. The quality of the course are largely influenced by the course instructor. Moreover there is no guarantee that you might pick up anything useful from attending it. Picking up a new skill or knowledge involve application of it on a regular basis. Similar to learning a new language.

*I attend courses (self paid) almost every year. It's been worth every penny, at least for me! 👍



Finding a mentor can be helpful whether you are chartering your career path or building a business. It's akin to having a spotlight on when you are driving at night in a winding mountain road. They can help you arrive your destination faster and safer, although it's not 100% guarantee. Still it's a great help!

There are a few considerations though:

1. Coachability (Receptivity) - This is largely dependent on the individual's personality and stage of life. If you are open-minded and willing to learn from others, this will make it easier for people to work with you. (Or advise you)

2. Depth of Knowledge - Mentor/ Coach is a human. Like all humans, there is a limit to what they know and how fast they accumulate knowledge/ wisdom. Some of them will come in for a season, whereas others will be around for years. There's a saying that goes: "When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready. The teacher will Disappear."

3. Ability to Coach - Not every leader has the gift of teaching. You might recall that during your elementary or high school days, not all teachers are made equal. Some of them simply come in for the pay cheque, a few of them has a higher calling and the ability to touch ones' life. This applies to coaches and mentors as welll.

4. Right Intent - It's important to ascertain one intention, especially if this person is going to learn a lot about you!



By examing your past actions, thoughts and events, this will give you incredible insights about yourself. This can be very hard for some people, as it requires you to probe deep within yourself and potentially revisit some unpleasant memories. Perhaps one may even deny the existence of such events or choose to remember things as if.. In some case, a psychologist might help.


Which is your preferred way of learning? Hope you find this writing useful! 😀

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