If you are looking for Singapore healthcare jobs, look no further. Healthcare Career Groove provides mid career switch, career conversion program and career future to experienced healthcare professionals. Aside from healthcare jobs in Singapore, we provide overseas healthcare jobs as well.

You will be able to find career conversion program and mid career switch opportunities, provided by our partners. We differ from Career Future Singapore as we are a private company, not related to government. We provide opportunities to non-Singaporeans as well.

A Mid Career Switch for a Brighter Career Future?

Is it the right moment for you to switch to a healthcare career, is it worth pursuing a mid life career switch then, you asked yourself? That said, Singapore healthcare industry is blooming and have a strong demand for healthcare workers.

Healthcare profession Groove is a useful resource for anybody interested in pursuing a healthcare career future. It’s a good alternative to My Career Future Singapore, which is only for Singaporeans and PRs. Healthcare Career Groove provides a wide range of healthcare jobs for jobseekers of varying experience levels. Locums, physiotherapists, radiographers, nurses, healthcare assistants and other medical specialists can find the jobs they are looking for on our platform.

It is a cumbersome task to find jobs via word of mouth in the Singaporean healthcare industry. Our platform helps you to reimagine your career future with a multitude of jobs from the - leading organizations in Singapore's healthcare sector. You can be a part of tomorrow by joining our dynamic community of companies and job seekers. Your career as a healthcare professional will flourish, when you meet the right employer.

What is a Mid-Career Switch?

A mid career switch is where a professional decides to make a transition from an industry or a role to another. It typically happens for the following reasons: industry is going through a period of stagnation or contraction, one is seeking better career prospect, pursuing one career aspiration, retrenchment and etc.

When you decide to make a career transition, you can feel that your professional journey has gone into a reset mode. A mid career switch into the healthcare sector might be your passport to a rewarding career path.

Here’s how an ideal career portal can support you -

Benefits of Career Conversion Program in Singapore

Gain new skills and knowledge tailored to your chosen healthcare profession.

Receive job placement support and connect with healthcare employers

Eligible participants for the career conversion program may receive financial incentives to ease the transition period.

What’s the Eligibility Criteria?

While qualifying criteria may differ based on the program, the following are some typical requirements:

Candidates should be in their mid-career phase or older, seeking to switch industries.

Singaporean citizenship or permanent residency is required

Pursuit Of a Different Career Track: The new job role trained under Career Conversion Program should be significantly different from the job seekers’ previous role, and require reskilling or further education for the new role.

How Do You Start Your Mid Career Switch Journey?

The hardest part of a mid career switch is getting started and we'll help you with it.

These guidelines will help you through the application procedure.

What You Need to Know About Salary Before a Mid Career Switch?

Before you even start your mid career switch journey, start by researching into your ideal role compensation and the requirements that will bring you there. If the journey of getting accredited for the role has a higher financial cost that you can stomach, you might want to think twice about it.

In healthcare jobs, salaries tend to vary according to the type of role, accreditations and years of experience in the role. For certain roles, there is a mark difference between the public and private sector.